Self Help

The Haze (Self Help Piece)

When life gets overwhelming, it feels like you’re snowed under with tasks, the mundane routines we so often get stuck in and the feelings and emotion that can infiltrate our mind and bodies. The mist sets in, the haze starts to descend and before we know it we’re driving down a foggy highway with no… Continue reading The Haze (Self Help Piece)


The Generation of Instant Gratification

A generation not used to waiting leads to unsettled and anxious hearts. When presents were reserved for birthdays and Christmas, but now if we see something we want we buy it. Because it was there, we had the means, and well, we wanted it. We're hungry, and that delicious Sunday roast that our mothers would… Continue reading The Generation of Instant Gratification


Somethings Just Don’t Matter

Front and center, it’s your pride and joy for all to see. It’s your picture of an adventurous day or a delicious meal, it’s your video of something funny you captured, it’s an opinion or information you want to share with others and it’s the well formulated response you give when your content gets a… Continue reading Somethings Just Don’t Matter