Turkey: A Guide to Cappadocia

Cappadocia, a remote area located in Central Turkey. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of hearing about this dream location or viewing the growing number of snapshots showcasing breath taking views from highpoints in the valleys, where the sunrise features as the backdrop to a plethora of billowing and grandiose hot air balloons this will be… Continue reading Turkey: A Guide to Cappadocia


The Distance Between

The distance between railway tracks, 143.5cm (4ft 8 ½ inches). Why this particular measurement? The first train carriages were built with the same tools as horse drawn carriages. So, why that particular distance between the wheels of the carriage? Because that was the width of the old roads that the carriages had to travel along.… Continue reading The Distance Between


The Hundredth Monkey

I recently read a study conducted in 1952. Reliability and the actual occurrence of the study even taking place was called into question, that it may just be a myth. Regardless the study enthralled me and mythical or not I enjoyed it. Here’s the gist of it. Scientists were providing monkeys with sweet potatoes dropping… Continue reading The Hundredth Monkey


Somethings Just Don’t Matter

Front and center, it’s your pride and joy for all to see. It’s your picture of an adventurous day or a delicious meal, it’s your video of something funny you captured, it’s an opinion or information you want to share with others and it’s the well formulated response you give when your content gets a… Continue reading Somethings Just Don’t Matter


This I Believe

(This piece of writing is based on the book "This I believe" a compilation of expressions of core principles that govern your life. Try writing something like this. A lesson you've learnt, the one rule you choose to live by, something you believe so strongly in. This was such a good read, and there's definitely… Continue reading This I Believe


Socially Challenged in a Social World

We’ve never been more connected to the world around us and people have never been more accessible. The click of a button allows us to contact our loved ones, catch up on what our friends are doing, meet new people, online shop, become social networking moguls and keep up with the ever changing cyber landscape… Continue reading Socially Challenged in a Social World


“All is fair in Love and War”

Love isn’t a definable emotion it will always be a different concept to all. However if you were to type into Google “Definition of Love” you would find. A strong feeling of affection. A great interest and pleasure in something. I find these definitions utterly underwhelming and quite frankly not even remotely close to putting… Continue reading “All is fair in Love and War”