The Distance Between

The distance between railway tracks, 143.5cm (4ft 8 ½ inches). Why this particular measurement? The first train carriages were built with the same tools as horse drawn carriages. So, why that particular distance between the wheels of the carriage? Because that was the width of the old roads that the carriages had to travel along.… Continue reading The Distance Between


Dear Mr President (POEM)

It's not real, it's a conspiracy, it just doesn't exist. A concept created by China to destroy the US. It's a complete delusion and irresponsible too, To spread propaganda and call it "Fake news". With higher altitudes it'll effect you last, Higher tides, a lack of drinking water, it'll be slightly warmer. Meanwhile we've lost… Continue reading Dear Mr President (POEM)


Meant to be Felt (The Range of Human Emotion)

Do not have a bad thought about anyone. Do not say bad things about others. Refrain from being negative. Do not get angry at others. Don’t show too much happiness around others (people may misinterpret your feelings). Be positive at all times and wish everyone well. Most important of all, whatever you do, DO NOT… Continue reading Meant to be Felt (The Range of Human Emotion)


This I Believe

(This piece of writing is based on the book "This I believe" a compilation of expressions of core principles that govern your life. Try writing something like this. A lesson you've learnt, the one rule you choose to live by, something you believe so strongly in. This was such a good read, and there's definitely… Continue reading This I Believe


“All is fair in Love and War”

Love isn’t a definable emotion it will always be a different concept to all. However if you were to type into Google “Definition of Love” you would find. A strong feeling of affection. A great interest and pleasure in something. I find these definitions utterly underwhelming and quite frankly not even remotely close to putting… Continue reading “All is fair in Love and War”