Turkey: A Guide to Cappadocia

Cappadocia, a remote area located in Central Turkey. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of hearing about this dream location or viewing the growing number of snapshots showcasing breath taking views from highpoints in the valleys, where the sunrise features as the backdrop to a plethora of billowing and grandiose hot air balloons this will be… Continue reading Turkey: A Guide to Cappadocia


The Distance Between

The distance between railway tracks, 143.5cm (4ft 8 ½ inches). Why this particular measurement? The first train carriages were built with the same tools as horse drawn carriages. So, why that particular distance between the wheels of the carriage? Because that was the width of the old roads that the carriages had to travel along.… Continue reading The Distance Between


The Hundredth Monkey

I recently read a study conducted in 1952. Reliability and the actual occurrence of the study even taking place was called into question, that it may just be a myth. Regardless the study enthralled me and mythical or not I enjoyed it. Here’s the gist of it. Scientists were providing monkeys with sweet potatoes dropping… Continue reading The Hundredth Monkey


Dear Mr President (POEM)

It's not real, it's a conspiracy, it just doesn't exist. A concept created by China to destroy the US. It's a complete delusion and irresponsible too, To spread propaganda and call it "Fake news". With higher altitudes it'll effect you last, Higher tides, a lack of drinking water, it'll be slightly warmer. Meanwhile we've lost… Continue reading Dear Mr President (POEM)

Self Help

The Haze (Self Help Piece)

When life gets overwhelming, it feels like you’re snowed under with tasks, the mundane routines we so often get stuck in and the feelings and emotion that can infiltrate our mind and bodies. The mist sets in, the haze starts to descend and before we know it we’re driving down a foggy highway with no… Continue reading The Haze (Self Help Piece)


A View on Equality

What essentially makes us superior to all other things that inhabit this earth? Could it be our opposable thumbs? (The thumbs we use so eloquently while writing our text messages). Could it be our ability to get in our cars and drive (I don't know what kind of animal could do that). Could it be… Continue reading A View on Equality

Opinion, Travel

Travelling Lessons

We live in a society of safety and security where we’re comfortable. Where we know what we know and what we don’t know is tolerable as long as it doesn’t interfere too much with our daily routines, norms or change what we know. Where difference is okay and sometimes interesting to learn about but it… Continue reading Travelling Lessons