The “Shoulds” and the “Musts”

The concept of "Should dos" and "Musts dos" in our lives (an idea about living a life aligned with our authentic selves). WARNING: The word should is used to excess. The Origin of Should Should, is how other people influence and see fit for us to live our lives. They are a set of cookie … Continue reading The “Shoulds” and the “Musts”


Travel Guide: Turkey (A Guide to Cappadocia)

Cappadocia, a remote area located in Central Turkey. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of hearing about this dream location or viewing the growing number of snapshots showcasing breath taking views from highpoints in the valleys, where the sunrise features as the backdrop to a plethora of billowing and grandiose hot air balloons this will be … Continue reading Travel Guide: Turkey (A Guide to Cappadocia)